V Bank Gas Phase Filters

The V-Bank Chemical Filter is a highly efficient air filtration product designed for high airflow environments. Combining unsaturated and chemically unmodified activated carbon, it surpasses traditional filters, especially in adsorbing harmful gases and odors. Its V-shaped design increases airflow while reducing resistance, making it ideal for industrial facilities, laboratories, and places requiring stringent air purification. Offering options for acid, alkali, and VOCs removal, this filter stands out for its superior performance and versatility.

V Bank Gas Phase Filters

The filter media is composed of unsaturated and chemically unmodified activated carbon. By oxidizing to effectively remove airborne acids (sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, alkalis (Ammonia, Amides), and volatile organic compounds (methanol, ethylene, mercaptans), the high concentration of modified and active activated carbon components can be highly efficient and have a longer service life, and the size of the extended mesh also affects the adsorption efficiency of AMCs (Airborne Molecular Contaminants) removal.


Frame: Galvanized iron, Plastic
Filter Media: Carbon loaded non-woven
Max. Temperature: ≦ 40°C
Max. Humidity: ≦ 70% RH
Thickness:22 mm ± 5%
Air permeability:> 100 cc/cm²/sec. (ASTM D737)
Basis Weight:1400 g/m²±10%
Carbon Loading: Avg. 800g/m² ± 10%


✔ High contamination removal efficiency
✔ Odors control for demanding IAQ applications
✔ Available in a variety of styles to fit your HVAC retrofit needs
✔ Low pressure drop
✔ High carbon Loading
✔ High air permeability
✔ Excellent polishing filters where high contaminant concentrations are involved.
✔ Media options for improved removal of specific gases, such as acids, bases & VOCs


High Efficiency GAS PHASE filters are well suited for demanding HVAC applications in office buildings, hospitals, airports and other installations where indoor air quality problems can be found. The filters are offered in a variety of standard size which will easily fit into most existing HVAC units and new construction.

  1. High Efficiency of Air Flow: The unique shape of the V-shaped chemical filter increases air flow through the filter, thereby increasing air purification efficiency and reducing air resistance.
  2. Enhanced Pollutant Adsorption: These filters typically use high quality adsorbent materials such as activated carbon or special chemical compounds to effectively remove harmful gases and odors from the air.
  3. Energy saving and reduced operating costs: The V-shaped design reduces the load on the fan, thus reducing energy consumption and operating costs.
  4. Longer Lifespan: With its optimized design and materials, the V-shaped chemical filter has a longer life than traditional flat filters, which means less frequent replacement and less maintenance costs.
  5. Suitable for a Wide Range of Environments: Whether in industrial environments, laboratories or homes, V-shaped Chemical filters are effective against a wide range of chemical contaminants and offer a wide range of applications.
Product Information
Model No.CB800ACB800BCB800C
Media Thickness2.5 mm2.5 mm2.5 mm
Carbon Loading800 g/㎡800 g/㎡800 g/㎡
Contaminants RemovalAcid gas
Hydrochloric acid
hydrogen sulfide
sulfur dioxide SO₂
nitrogen dioxide
sulfuric acid
Alkaline gas
Amine Gases
Volatile organic gases
tobacco odor
Exhaust Odor
Diesel exhaust
ozone (O₃)
Industrial Waste Oil Odor
outdoor pollution

◎ Maximum operating temperature: 40°C⭣
◎ Cell sides: High Impact Polystyrene
◎ Maximum relative humidity: 70%⭣
◎ Disposal: Incineration