About us

Establishment and Development

Hanklin is a company specializing in “air filter manufacturing” and “clean technology consulting”.

On the issue of air pollution harming health: a love house and a belief in Wu!

“It is our responsibility to improve air quality” began the research and manufacture of Hankelin filters, and the name of the company was derived from the combination of the names of the founder’s two children, “Brother Henry” and “Brother Colin”, and the name HENCOLIN was born.

Since its establishment in 1990, it has been committed to manufacturing primary, medium and high-efficiency air filters, with production machinery and perfect testing equipment.

From design→ manufacturing→ assembly→ testing→ packaging→ shipping… Provide one-stop high-quality professional production line, to after-sales part of the installation service.

With the continuous development of social productivity, enterprises provide a small amount of customization to the market, product warranty, improve quality and price competitiveness, and meet the needs of customers.

Our company can provide from the first initial filter to the final HEPA clean room grade and chemical filter (suitable for paint baking room, air conditioning box, clean room, dust room, operating room, aseptic table, etc.).
The advantage of the current peer manufacturers is that we have a complete production line equipment and testing system, and have passed the American ASHRAE Association, the Textile Research Institute, the European Eurovent, the United States UL900 fire test, ISO 9001/2000 certification, which can provide stable supply, customized products, and real prices for long-term supply.

Over the past 30 years, Hanklin’s air filter products have sold more than 800 million revenue as of today, in addition to domestic manufacturers such as: Taipower, Beijie, Gaojie, South Asia and medical institutions, Chang Gung and other cooperation, more exported to the world, (Southeast Asia, South America, North America) market. And actively joined the online business platform, and successfully received orders from Sweden, Japan and Brunei in the early stage. Among them, the Swedish manufacturer said that the product profile is clear and the product is certified, so that they can continue to use it with confidence.

Hanklin, attaches great importance to the air quality between the user’s breath and breath, and will continue to develop filters that effectively purify the air, and expects us to use the best technology to manufacture products for various industries to protect the environment. Adhering to this concept, we will stabilize the domestic market, continue to develop foreign customers, and operate sustainably.

Complete production line equipment and testing facilities.

Compliance with Certification and Testing Reports

Provide industrial filter series products related to the test report download and use

International Certificates

Hencolin Products: Separator Box Type HEPA Air Filter is certified by "Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)"

Hencolin Products: Pocket Filter is certified by "Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI)"

We provide the best industrial filters and the most professional services to all kinds of industries.
Feel free to contact us and let us help you find the most suitable product!