Ceiling Filter Media Roll HF-600G

  • Filtering range: 1㎛~3㎛ of tiny particles can be effectively filtered.
  • Filtering efficiency: Filtering efficiency reaches 65-85%, improving indoor air quality.
  • Long-term use: Replacement frequency of 6-8 months, saving maintenance costs. (Replacement time depends on environmental requirements)
  • Application Scenario: Automobile, motorcycle, home appliances, furniture and other coating nature of industrial use, paint oven (spray booth) second filter.

Ceiling Filter Media Roll HF-600G

With high strength synthetic fiber, not easy to break, and advanced multi-layer structure molding, to protect its high dust loading, and low pressure drop, reduce mechanical energy consumption.
Special mucilage is evenly spread on the filter mesh to prevent dust from penetrating through and falling off due to slight trembling.
● Filter material is made of high performance, anti-breakage non-woven synthetic fiber, suitable for various air-conditioning systems, paint booths, bicycles, motorcycles, baking paint and other coating factories.
● The incremental structure of the filter media allows the density of fibers in the direction of pure air to increase gradually, which can increase the filtration efficiency and prolong the service life of the filter.
● The filter surface is reinforced with a square mesh to strengthen the filter material and guide the air to evenly distribute the laminar effect.


Filter Material: Synthetic Fiber
Efficiency: M5 (EN779) / MERV 10 (ASHRAE 52.2)
Heat Resistance:≧100℃
Humidity Resistance:≧100%RH
Suggested final pressure loss: ≦400 Pa


✔ Available in rolls/cut sheets
✔ Low pressure loss, cost saving
✔ Long service life of the filter media
✔ Sticky surface into the wind, good effect
✔ Square mesh reinforcement on air outflow side
✔ High-performance synthetic fiber, not easy to break


Designed for the industrial areas, and also the best choices for fine filtration in air ventilation systems and units.

  1. High Efficiency Filter: The Paint Resistant Patio Mesh has a high efficiency filter that effectively captures fine particles and impurities suspended in the air. This is critical to the cleanliness of the environment during the painting process and ensures the surface quality of the final product.
  2. Dust and dirt prevention: In the automotive, motorcycle, and home appliance industries, the cleanliness of a product’s surface is directly related to the product’s texture and appearance. The superior properties of Paint Resistant Patio Mesh allow it to effectively prevent dust and dirt from entering the painted area, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the product surface.
  3. HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANCE: In the second pass filtration of a paint oven or spray booth, the paint barrier patio mesh needs to be resistant to high temperatures in order to cope with the high temperature coating environment. The excellent temperature resistance of this material ensures its stability and durability during the baking process.
  4. Suitable for many industries: Paint-resistant patio mesh is widely used not only in automotive and motorcycle manufacturing, but also in many industries such as home appliances and furniture. This versatility makes it an indispensable part of the industry for all kinds of coating properties.