ASHRAE Synthetic Rigid Cell Filters

  • Filtration range: The medium efficiency human fiber box filter has a wide filtration range and can effectively capture small particles such as dust, pollen and bacteria, providing excellent air purification. It is suitable for all types of air purification equipment, including air-conditioning systems and purifiers, and is available in a wide range of filter sizes and filtration efficiencies to meet different scenarios and needs, ensuring fresh and pure indoor air.
  • Filtering efficiency: Filtering efficiency reaches 45%~95% to ensure that the paint particles in the air will not enter the surrounding environment.
  • Long-term use: Replacement frequency of 6-8 months, saving maintenance costs. (Replacement time depends on environmental requirements)
  • Application Scenario: Suitable for air conditioning systems, factories, residential, commercial and industrial areas.

ASHRAE Synthetic Rigid Cell Filters

The HEPA filter is with more filtering areas, maintaining a good filtration effect even under high humidity. Its fixing is reinforced by a special cardboard and adhesive technique, and the fine human fiber filter, with its excellent dust catching power, is complemented by a sturdy expanded mesh that effectively reduces dust shedding on the air surface. This filter can be used as a preliminary filter for other HEPA filters and back-end air-conditioning systems, and is designed for easy installation in an air-conditioning box without the need to modify existing hardware.


Frame: Galvanized steel
Standard type: Box type & single header
Media: Ultra fine Synthetic fiber
M5 (EN 799), 40-60% / MERV 10 (ASHRAE 52.2) (Orange)
M6 (EN 779), 60-80% / MERV 11-12 (ASHRAE 52.2) (Green)
F7 (EN 779), 80-90% / MERV 13 (ASHRAE 52.2) (Pink)
F8 (EN 779), 90-95% / MERV 14 (ASHRAE 52.2) (Yellow) Fire retardant grade: UL900
Max. Temperature: ≦ 80°C
Max. Humidity: ≦ 100% RH
Rec. Final Pressure Drop: ≦ 374 Pa


✔ Excellent dust catching power
✔ Capable of withstanding various wind speeds
✔ High efficiency and durability
✔ Metal mesh is tightly attached to the filter material to prevent air leakage.
✔ Good filtration in high humidity environment
✔ Replaces traditional bag filter and reduces fiber dropout.


Six-inch and twelve-inch filtration systems for industrial, commercial, hospital, school, building and factory air-conditioning equipment.

M5, F6, F7 and F8 are air filter classes defined in the European Standard EN 779, which are used to describe the efficiency of a filter in filtering airborne particles. Here are the main differences between them:

M5 class:
M5 grade filters are mainly used for filtering larger particles such as large dust, dirt and hair.
Suitable for applications where filtration of larger particle size pollutants is required, but less effective in filtering small particles.

F6 class:
The F6 grade filter provides higher filtration performance than the M5, effectively filtering medium-sized particles, including dust and pollen.
It is suitable for scenes with high air quality requirements, such as offices, commercial buildings, and so on.

F7 class:
The F7 grade filter further improves filtration efficiency by effectively filtering smaller particles, including fine dust, pollen and bacteria.
Suitable for scenes with high cleanliness requirements, such as medical institutions and laboratories.

F8 class:
The F8 level filter improves on the F7 by filtering even smaller particles, including finer dust, bacteria and smoke.
Ideal for applications requiring extremely high levels of cleanliness and air quality, such as highly sensitive manufacturing environments, laboratories, etc.

From M5 to F8, the grades represent a gradual improvement in the filter’s effectiveness in filtering airborne particles. When selecting a bag filter, it is important to choose the right grade of filter for the specific application to ensure that the desired air purification is achieved.


1. High Efficiency Filter Structure:
Medium Efficiency synthetic fiber filter is known for its unique filter structure, which is made of high-efficiency synthetic fiber material with excellent particulate removal ability. The fibers are evenly spaced to effectively capture tiny particles in the air, including dust, pollen, and bacteria. This structure ensures that the air passing through the filter is highly pure, providing high quality indoor air.

2. Long Service Life:
Medium Efficiency Human Fiber Chamber Filters have an excellent lifespan, thanks to their rugged materials and effective filter design. Compared to disposable filters, MDF filters can be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to keep them operating efficiently for a longer period of time, reducing replacement costs and minimizing the impact on the environment, thus embodying the concept of sustainable development.

3. Easy to Operate and Energy Efficient:
The medium efficiency human fiber box filter is extremely easy to operate and requires no complicated installation procedures. Its structure is designed for quick and easy replacement and cleaning without the need for specialized personnel. Meanwhile, compared with other filter technologies, the energy-saving benefits of the medium-efficiency human fiber box filter are superior because of its low air resistance design, which reduces the energy consumption of air circulation and lowers the cost of using the filter.

4. Easy to Replace:
Changing a bag-type air filter is usually a simple and easy task to perform. This makes it easy for the user to change the filter on their own, without the need for professional assistance. This simple and easy replacement process helps to ensure that the filter is always in optimal condition, providing consistent air purification.

Product Information
Nominal SizeActual SizeRated Air Flow CapacityInitial ResistanceRec. Final P.D.
WxHxD (in.)WxHxD (mm)CFMCMH In W.GPaPa
Efficiency: M5 (40-45%) ▼
24×12×6595X290X15060010190.2767≤ 374
(1.5 In W.G.)
 Efficiency: M6 (60-65%) ▼
24×12×6595X290X15060010190.375≤ 374
(1.5 In W.G.)
Efficiency: F7 (80-85%) ▼
24×12×6595X290X15060010190.3895≤ 374
(1.5 In W.G.)
Efficiency: F8 (90-95%) ▼
24×12×6595X290X15060010190.52129≤ 374
(1.5 In W.G.)

◆ Face velocity: 1.60~2.75 m/s ◆ Other sizes are available upon request.