Replaceable Black Nylon Mesh Filters

  • Filtering effect: The high filtration efficiency of the black nylon mesh can effectively filter dust, particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the air to protect the cleanliness of the air.
  • Durability: The vinyl nylon mesh has good durability and can be reused over and over again to save money.
  • Easy to clean: The vinyl nylon mesh can be cleaned with water or high pressure gas, easy to clean.

Replaceable Black Nylon Mesh Air Filters

Nylon filter mesh is also known as vinyl mesh, which is used in the return air filter of ceiling machine. There are single layer, double layer and multi-layer filter mesh, which can be customized according to the requirements, with edge wrapping design. The frame material is a removable galvanized frame. The galvanized frame has the advantage that it is not easy to rust, and the filter material can be replaced directly to achieve the effect of cost saving for the enterprise. The filter material is made of PE, PP nylon filter, outer metal frame, inner galvanized wire, PE, PP nylon filter with single layer and double layer, which are assembled by ultrasonic fusion molding. The black plastic mesh is a washable air filter; when cleaning, do not use a brush to scrub the filter, only use tap water to rinse it clean, put it in a cool place to dry, and then install it back to the original position of the air outlet of the machine.
Frame: 7mm wire frame, also can be customized according to customer’s requirement….

Frame : galvanized iron wire, white iron bar
Media : single and double nylon mesh (washable)
Efficiency: G2~G4 (EN779) / MERV 2~9 (ASHRAE 52.2)
Frame: 7mm / Custom Frame Type
Size:  Customization is available upon request.


✔ Easy to remove for cleaning
✔ Low pressure drop, high dust holding capacity
✔ Tough and elastic, pest and mold resistant
✔ Longer service life and lower cost.
✔ Durable, easy to clean and maintain


Air intake rooms for factories or production machines
Suitable for placing behind movable linear air vents.
Industrial: food, medical, electronics, chemical industry

  • Good filtration effect: The filtration efficiency of nylon filter is usually higher than that of paper filter, which can effectively filter tiny particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and so on.
  • Good durability: Nylon filter has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance and can be used repeatedly to save cost. The abrasion resistance of nylon filter is several times higher than that of paper filter, and the corrosion resistance is also better than that of paper filter.
  • Economical: Nylon filters are relatively low cost and affordable.

Nylon filters are widely used in various fields, including industrial and civil applications. For example, in air conditioning systems, nylon filters can effectively filter out dust and particles, which not only extends the service life of the air conditioner, but also improves its cooling effect. In purifiers, Nylon filters can efficiently filter PM2.5, bacteria and viruses to improve indoor air quality. In industrial dust removal applications, Nylon filters effectively capture dust and particulate matter to ensure a clean working environment. In the medical field, Nylon filters effectively filter out airborne bacteria and viruses to protect the health of medical staff and patients. Nylon filters are widely used as air filters because of their excellent filtration efficiency, durability and economy.