Polyester Non-Woven Filter Media Roll and Pads

  • Filtering range: Can effectively filter 3㎛~10㎛ of tiny particles.
  • Filtering efficiency: Filtering efficiency reaches 35%, improving indoor air quality.
  • Long-term use: Replacement frequency of 3-5 months, saving maintenance costs. (Replacement time depends on environmental requirements)
  • Application Scenario: Suitable for air conditioning systems, factories, residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Polyester Non Woven Filter Media Roll and Pads

Polyester non-woven fabric is made of 100% Polyester fiber, which is heated to combine the fibers into an irregular interlacing shape to form a high dust-catching effect.
Due to environmental issues, this product does not add any chemical adhesives, the use of low melting point fiber, so that the coarse and fine fibers mixed together to achieve the effect of dust removal. It is used for the first filter of the general air intake, and cannot be used repeatedly.



Filter Material: Synthetic Fiber
Efficiency: G1~G4 (EN779) / MERV 1~8 (ASHRAE 52.2)
Heat resistance: 100℃


✔ Available in rolls
✔ Use of low melting point fibers
✔ Cuttable sheet supply
✔ No chemical adhesives added
✔ Disposable, does not cause secondary pollution


Outside air intake, the first filter
Food processing industry, air conditioning industry
Industrial waste gas, biotechnology

  1. High efficiency filtration: The first primary non-woven filter has excellent filtration performance and can effectively block tiny air pollutants, such as bacteria, pollen, dust and so on. For example, this filter is able to capture particles with a diameter of 3 to 10 microns, ensuring that harmful substances in the air are effectively filtered to provide purer indoor air.
  2. Durability: Filters made of non-woven material are more durable and have a longer service life. For example, compared with conventional filters, the first primary non-woven filter can still maintain stable filtration effect after a long period of time, reducing the frequency of replacement and lowering the cost of use.
  3. Low Resistance and Efficient Ventilation: Non-woven filters usually have low resistance while maintaining high air permeability, which helps to maintain good air circulation. As an example, this filter design helps reduce energy consumption of the air system, improves airflow efficiency, ensures fast indoor air circulation, and reduces the burden on the air conditioner.
  4. Environmentally Sustainable: Filters made from non-woven materials typically use fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process and have a lower environmental impact. For example, these filters can be recycled and reused to minimize the adverse impact on the environment, which is in line with the need for sustainable development in modern society.
  5. Simple Installation: The first primary non-woven filter usually has a simple installation structure, which is suitable for all kinds of air purification equipment. As an example, the easy installation of this filter allows users to easily change or clean the filter, increasing convenience and efficiency.

Non-woven filters create a new purification experience with their high filtration performance, long service life, low resistance and efficient ventilation, easy installation and maintenance, and versatile applications.

Non-Woven Filter Specification
Size (WxL)Thickness (mm)Max. Temp. (℃)Volocity
Basis Weight
Initial ResistanceRec. Final P.D.Filter Rating (EN779:2012)Dust Holding Capacity (g/m²)Dust Division
(Thick, Fine, Micro)
1M*50M3100℃2.51203.0 mmAg29 Pa15147G1400Thick dust
1M*50M5100℃2.51603.5 mmAg34 Pa15147G2400Thick dust
1M*20M10100℃2.52004.7 mmAg46 Pa20196G3450Thick dust
1M*20M15100℃2.52506.4 mmAg63 Pa20196G3450Thick dust
1M*20M20100℃2.03106.5 mmAg64 Pa20196G4460Thick dust
1M*20M25100℃2.03707.0 mmAg69 Pa20196G4520Thick dust
1M*20M30100℃2.03957.5 mmAg74 Pa20196G4560Thick dust
1M*20M50100℃2.05008.2 mmAg80 Pa20196G4600Thick dust

◎ Tolerance Deviation of Thickness:±15%
◎ Pressure Drop Conversion: 1 mmAq = 9.81 PA