AI-100 High Temperature Resistant Synthetic Fiber Oven Filter (Media)

HENCOLIN’s synthetic fiber cloth is made up with low pressure drop, which is durable under the high temperature
at 200°C, and its max temperature resistance can be around 240°C compared to the traditional filter fabrics.
It can remove dust, cigarette ashes and iron rust, etc. and avoid the contamination on the product surface in the
process of dry.
Nominal Size (in.)
Actual Size (mm)


When it comes to primary filtration (also named as pre-filters), they are normally installed and applied in the 1st stage of filtration and capture larger particulates before reaching the HEPA filters. This is to reduce the large particles directly through the HEPA filters and extend the lifespan of HEPA filters



  1. To catch larger particulate matters such as dust, hair, dander, pollen, lint, dust mites and other harmful substances. 
  2. They are widely applied on all types of HVAC systems.
  3. Cost saving, easy to install and high humidity resistant.


Media: Synthetic fiber (nonwoven)
Color: Brown 
Max. Temperature: 240°C
Efficiency: G4/MERV8 (90%@arrestance)
Frame: Aluminum, galvanized iron or stainless steel
Thickness: 20 mm
Size: 500x500x20 mm
Initial pressure drop: 45 Pa
Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa


 High temperature resistance
Flame retardant 
High dust holding capacity
High airflow & low pressure drop
Easy to install


The synthetic fiber high temperature resistant filter media is suitable for being applied on drying ovens, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, paint spray booth, etc.