Chemical Filters

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Filters

✔ To remove formaldehyde, odors, smells, smoke, dust & bacteria
✔ To absorb harmful substances
✔ High dust holding capacity
✔ Low resistance
✔ Long service life and cost saving
✔ Anti-bacteria
✔ MOQ: 500 pcs
Nominal Size (in.)
Actual Size (mm)


GAS PHASE chemical filters are designed for effective gas-phase removal of medium and low concentrations of gas phase contamination in fresh air and recirculation air handling systems. The packs are arranged in a honeycomp with activated carbon granules to utilize max amounts of media for the given face area.


Honeycomb activated carbon filters are made by the polypropene honeycomb shapes as carriers, and filled in with granulated activated carbon in the filter which enable the filters to remove the harmful gas, smoke, formaldehyde, odors, bad smells, smoke, dust and air born bacteria.



Frame: cardboard, galvanized & aluminum
Color: black
Gasket: EVA foam (optional)
Sealant: EVA Adhesives
Media: Granulated activated carbon
Honeycomb: PP (polypropene)



 To remove formaldehyde, odors, smells, smoke, dust & bacteria
 To absorb harmful substances
 High dust holding capacity
✔ Low resistance
 Long service life and cost saving



The honeycomb activated carbon filters are applied in commercial & Industrial air ventilation systems, paint spray booth & chemical plants and air conditioning.