Cleanroom Air Filters

HEPA Disposable Terminal Box clean room filters

The air filters are used to supply fresh air for cleanroom. Designed for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, microelectronics, bioindustry and surgery rooms of hospitals.
Nominal Size (in.)
Actual Size (mm)


Final filters/HEPA Filters are made and designed to catch very fine particulate matters in the air. They are widely applied in HVAC systems such as in hospitals, pharmaceutical, aerospace, food industries, labs, electronic industries, and cleanroom. The filter efficiency can rage from 95%@DOP (E10) to 99.999%@DOP (ULPA). 


Replaceable module can be combined with FFU system one used in a positive-pressure clean room. The room side replaceable ducted filter module is a permanent medium to high efficiency. 


Frame: Extruded aluminum 
Media: Glass fiber
H11 (EN 1822) / MERV 16 (ASHRAE 52.2) 
MPPS:≥95% / DOP: ≥99.9%@0.3 μm 
H13 (EN 1822) / MERV 17-18 (ASHRAE 52.2) 
MPPS: ≥99.95% / DOP: ≥99.99%@0.3 μm 
H14 (EN 1822) / MERV 19 (ASHRAE 52.2)
MPPS: ≥99.995% / DOP: ≥99.999%@0.3 μm  
Separator: Hot melt
Sealant: Polyurethane (PU)
Flame Retardant Grade: UL900
Max. Temperature: ≦ 80°C
Max. Humidity: ≦ 100% RH
Rec. Final Pressure Drop: ≦ 500 Pa (2.0" W.G.)  


Low pressure drop design
Energy saving
Longer service life
Built-in seismic holes and 2.0" high continuous inlet collar reduces installation time


Designed for being applied for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, microelectronics, bioindustry and the surgery rooms of hospitals. 

HEPA Ducted Terminal Modules product details