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We are committed to providing a full range of industrial air filters for the purpose of service, we are committed to primary, medium and high efficiency filters manufacturing and technical consulting, complete production machinery and testing equipment, products have passed the international and domestic standards of testing and certification, in order to provide high-quality products, professional service and customer satisfaction at the same price as the mission and responsibility!

99.9 %
Percentage of filterable suspended particles
by Ultra-High Efficiency Filtration

“Improving Air Quality Is Our Responsibility.”
We started researching and manufacture filters.

We are committed to reducing industrial air pollution.






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Industrial Air Filter Products

Hencolin is committed to providing a full range of air filters and technical consulting services. With complete production machinery and testing equipment, Hencolin is able to provide high quality products and professional services.

International Inspection and Certification of Product Quality

Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the Taiwan Textile Industry Research Institute, ensuring product quality.
Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the Euroevent, ensuring product quality.
Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the Ashare, ensuring product quality.
Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the UL Solution, ensuring product quality.​
Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the D.U.N.S, ensuring product quality.​
Hencolin Air Filters have obtained certification from the ARES, ensuring product quality.​

Latest News

Air Filter Knowledge

The Importance of Air Filters in Medical Facilities

◆ Basic function of air filters: The main function of air filters is to filter and purify the air, removing dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen and other particles. This is especially important in a healthcare environment as it helps create a cleaner, safer environment and reduces the risk of hospital-acquired infections.◆ 醫療環境中的空氣品質問題:在醫療環境中,空氣品質對病人和醫護人員的健康至關重要。醫療院所的空氣可能含有各種病原體和有害物質,這些物質如果不加以控制,可能導致交叉感染和其他健康問題。◆ 空氣濾網在預防感染中的角色:空氣濾網對於控制和減少空氣中的病原體(如細菌和病毒)的擴散至關重要。這在COVID-19大流行期間顯得尤為重要,因為許多病毒可以通過空氣傳播。◆ 技術創新與趨勢:近年來,空氣濾網技術取得了重大進步。這包括更有效的過濾材料,如HEPA濾網,以及與智能建築系統集成的能力,這些系統可以實時監控空氣質量並自動調整濾網的性能。◆ 案例研究與實證:在全球範圍內,許多醫療機構已經成功地利用先進的空氣濾網系統改善他們的空氣品質,顯著降低了醫院感染率和提升了病人和工作人員的整體健康狀況。 空氣濾網成為醫療環境標準配置的一部分。隨著技術的進步,我們可能會看到更多創新,例如針對特定病原體定制的過濾系統,或者能夠更精準地監控和響應空氣質量變化的系統。此外,隨著全球對健康和衛生的關注日益增加,空氣濾網在醫療設施設計中的重要性將持續增長。它在醫療院所中的應用不僅有助於維護一個更安全、更衛生的環境,而且隨著技術的不斷進步,其重要性和功能將進一步擴展。這些進步對於提高病人護理的質量和保護醫護人員的健康具有重要意義。

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Using Air Filter to Achieve Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in Industrial Cleaning System

Air filters are an essential component of industrial cleaning systems, which are applied for filtering dust, microorganisms and other impurities in the air to enhance air quality and safety. However, the performance and selection of air filters will directly impact the efficiency and energy consumption of industrial cleaning systems in the following ways: Selecting the Proper Type and Size of Air Filter Different industrial environments have different requirements for air quality, so it is necessary to choose the proper type

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Our Service

Hencolin Industrial Filters provides customized professional consulting services to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Professional Consultation

Extensive global experience, offering consultancy services.
With over 30 years of expertise in filtration, we've served nearly 2,800 domestic clients and expanded to about 170 countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Middle East, and Oceania.

Hencolin Industrial Filter provides customized OEM, ODM according to customer's specifications, from raw materials, production to delivery of one-stop service.

Customized Services

Specification Manufacturing OEM and ODM.
We provide One-stop service / Turnkey solutions, Technical support to achieve customers’ requirements. We also have Customization to meet customers’ needs. Prices & quality guarantee & on time delivery.

Hencolin Industrial Filters performs installations for a wide variety of customers, including electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, and food factories.

Installation Tasks

Perform a variety of customer installation tasks according to local conditions.
Our clients included electronic factories, pharmaceutical factories, medical institutions, chemical companies, food factories, and so on.

We provide professional consulting and customization.
To help you find the right filter for you, please contact us.